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Why waste another weekend watching television when you can custom build a
balsa wood model airplane in 2 hours!

Keep reading to learn how to build the
PERFECT plane in 8 easy steps.

This uniquely designed, easy-to-build, flying balsa wood airplane will amaze your friends with its aerobatic performance.

Stuart Baker


Dear Fellow Modeller,

If you’ve ever asked the question, “How do you make a glider out of balsa wood” then you’ve come to the right page!

Whether you are an experienced model builder or someone just starting out on building model balsa wood airplanes, then this uniquely designed model will have something new and exciting to offer you.

How many hours did you spend on the Internet trying to find good plans?

When I conducted a recent survey, I couldn’t find any sites that offered instructions about the basics of how to build model airplanes that actually fly.

There were plenty of sites that could supply hardwood planes on stands, and some that had plastic models airplanes – you know the type – those that hang on strings from the ceiling, but not flying models.

Eventually I discovered sites where you could buy those complicated kits, which contain a few guidelines only an experienced modeller can follow, but that wasn’t what I was looking for.

I wanted some clear, detailed instructions on building model airplanes that would take me step-by-step through the basics and would help me to create a plane that looked really good and would fly fantastically well.

Why was I looking for something like this?

I have been building model aircraft since I was a child and have also built them for my own children. Now, 40 years on, I still get the same thrill when showing my grandchildren how to fly them.

They get such a great kick out of watching them swoop and dive around in the local park, and all the other kids come to watch as well when we go there to fly them.

My grandchildren enjoy showing the other kids how they launch the models and then they give them a go at flying them.

There is something about flying model airplanes, which captures the imagination of children of all ages from 5 to 95 and makes them want to fly the real thing. Who knows - your child might become a test pilot or astronaut one day if encouraged to try a great hobby like this.

Not only that, It’s also very healthy because it get s the kids out into the fresh air, and they run round lots just chasing after the models without realising how much exercise they are really getting!

My grandchildren are getting to the age where they want to learn how to build models themselves, but after searching the Internet for hours I couldn’t find anything suitable, so I decided to design something myself.


What makes me think this model balsa wood airplane is any good?

It was only after many attempts that I came-up with this really stunning model airplane design, which is so easy to build that anyone can make it.

After trying it out a few times and adjusting the shape and trimming each time, it flew so perfectly that it turned out to be a real winner, flying better than anything I’d ever built before. To make doubly sure that my grandchildren could build it, I wrote some very detailed and clear instructions that even they could follow.

The instructions take you through every step of the way to building it, from:

  • Listing all the parts and simple tools required
  • Explaining in detail all the preparation needed
  • Clear instructions on decorating the parts
  • Precise instructions on how to construct the model
  • And finally, details on how to get the best out of flying the completed airplane.

You can learn all the tricks of the trade from building this one superb airplane!

How easy are the instructions to follow?

The instructions for building flying model balsa wood airplanes that I’ve come across have varied a great deal in quality and how clearly they explain things.

My experience from teaching people in my profession life has given me the skills to break a project like this down into simple steps, and then give clear, easy-to-understand instructions which even an absolute beginner can follow.

The resultant e-book, which can be downloaded from this page, contains very detailed instructions on how to build this superb-design, high performance, flying model airplane.

The written instructions take you step-by-step through the construction process, and the included diagrams and pictures allow you to check what you have built at each stage of construction.

Using this easy to follow, step-by-step guide can start creating your own balsa wood airplane today!

Follow the 8 easy steps and you can build this plane in under an hour!!

What are the benefits of this e-book?

  1. The plans for this balsa wood airplane are immediately available:
    • You can download the instructions immediately
    • You can then start work on your plane straight away
    • You have no delays waiting for the post to arrive
  2. The basic model is very easy to make
    • The design has been simplified right down
    • You can have it flying very quickly
    • There are no difficult shapes to cut out - all cutting is done in straight lines.
  3. All items required to make the plane are fully listed
    • You have no uncertainty about what parts are needed to build the model
    • You are told exactly what tools you need to build the model.
    • You can get everything you need together before you start
  4. There are clear step-by-step instructions on making the model
    • The instructions are easy to follow and very detailed so that you are guided every step of the way.
    • Photos and diagrams are included so that what you are building can be easily checked at each stage.
    • You can see that every piece you cut out matches those in the pictures.
  5. There is a full description on how to get the best out of flying your model
    • You are shown exactly how to make your model fly superbly.
    • This ensures that there are no failures with flying performance
  6. The model is inexpensive to produce
    • For the cost of a few basic materials you can build many replicas of this model.
    • The models can be given or sold to friends and acquaintances
  7. This is an excellent model for beginners to progress to more complex kits
    • This e-book shows you the basic techniques used in building all model aircraft.
    • The diagrams and pictures are easy to follow even for the most inexperienced model builder.
    • The instructions will give the most inexperienced beginner all the skills required to build any future model they want.

What does an e-book for such a superb model cost?

For $9.76 US (or 4.39 GBP) this e-book can be yours immediately.

It contains 19 pages of detailed instructions, pictures and diagrams which make it so easy to follow.

Within hours, you will be able to create a superb, futuristic looking flying balsa wood airplane that will give you endless fun.

You will be able to build a fleet of the same aircraft if you want, so that groups of you and your friends or family can fly them at the same time.

In addition you will also receive a free mini e-book giving details of how to create three entirely different paper airplanes, including one that will fly long distances and another that will perform aerobatic feats.

What guarantee is there with this product?

This product comes with a 90-day, cast-iron guarantee, under which I will refund your money in full, without question, if you are not entirely satisfied with the e-book.

Like you, I hate spam e-mails, so I also guarantee that your contact details will never be passed to anyone else.

How do I order it?

Click on the button below and fill out the order form to receive the e-book now. You will then be directed to another page where the details are given for downloading the e-book, which will be with you in a matter of minutes.

Wishing you as much enjoyment and entertainment from model creation as I have had.

Best wishes,



P.S. Fill out the order form now to start immediately on this entertaining and fulfilling hobby, as well as get the free booklet on how to make 3 paper airplanes.

There is nothing to lose with my caste-iron guarantee of a full refund for up to 90 days!